The original (2010) mission of The Landscape Collaborative (TLC)  was “to be a virtual laboratory for scientists and practitioners to develop and share tools, knowledge and skills regarding natural resource management and conservation planning.”

We were originally using the domain landscapecollaborative.org and Atlassian Suite of tools, and may possibly return to this suite {An archive of that site has been made, and can be loaded onto a server again in the future for reference.  We would likely try to implement without any or many third party plugins though.}  While the Atlassian software (confluence, Jira, etc) is free for non-profits, we needed to web-host it ourselves, which had a cost of several hundred dollars a month.  In 2013 we moved to this intermediate location. And were considering hosting the software/tools we develop on Github (free) and hosting the discussion on another free platforms, such as google.com or griffingroups.com.


We suspect that most people coming to this site are looking for the software/tools we have created and/or hosted (RoadRight, SPreAD-GIS, and LandAdvisor). If you would like to provide ideas, suggestions, have questions, or would like to download one of the tools, please use the following form.  You will be contacting John Gallo of Conservation Biology Institute, and cc’ing Janice Thomson of The Wilderness Society.  You can also contact the software/tool creators directly.

More information about one of these tools, RoadRight, is provided here.

New Roles:

It is not clear if TLC should formally announce its existence (we have never made any such announcement) or if it would be best to merge our efforts with one or several other existing open-science efforts.


Regardless of how things progress forward, much informative discussion, collaboration and development occurred on the original Atlassian site from 2010-2013.  We are very grateful to The Wilderness Society for their instrumental role in this, and to Conception Coast Project and Contegix for helping make this happen.

(Attribution: Bee picture posted to the creative commons by Flickr User “boston_camera”, and float plane provided by John Gallo.)

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